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Udit Diagnostics - Pathology

Udit Pathology

We are having inhouse automated laboratory under guidance & supervision of Pathologist with qualified technician & experienced phlebotomist. We are also having special packages for health check ups & also doing coustmaised packages according to patients health & budget. We are having Diabetic card for diabetic patients with good features. For details contact our help line number 9824044688 or emails us

Pathology at home

We are providing free Home visit to collect blood for your pathological investigations advised by your doctor.

Register with details or call on Helpline no : 9824044688 or email on :

Discount cards / schemes will be announced shortly.

Body checkup plans

List of Check-up Plans:

  1. Routine Health Check Up plan
  2. Executive Health Check
  3. Pre Employment Check up
  4. House Maid Check up Plan( HIV / TB / HBSAG )
  5. Prenatal Check Up Plan
  6. Family Health Check( for family of 4 or more)
  7. Pre-marriage check up Plan for couple ( haemophilia / genetic etc. )
  8. Special Women Plus ( Pap smear / Mammography )