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Udit Hospital

Our Journey as Udit Hospital started in 1996 as Udit Surgical Hospital at Nayandeep Complex - Thaltej. From the beginning the motto of the Hospital is to try and provide all facilities under one roof with aim of providing personalized care with Human Touch.

Gradually with grace of God, well wishes and support of our patients we have been serving needy patients since 22 years. We shifted to our new premises in year 2000 & bases on the Multispeciality work we are getting we have changed our name to UDIT HOSPITAL-MULTISPECIALITY from Dec 2009.

Udit Hospital-Multispeciality is a 15 bed hospital with all state of the art amenities i.e.Different types of rooms, fully equipped operation theatre, central oxygen supply and IITV along with all required equipment's for minimal access surgery.

We have our in house CRM, in order to manage patient's data efficiently.

Vision & Mission

Mission of Hospital is to provide comprehensive healthcare at one place with practical Approach. We at Udit Hospital Multipseciality-a unit of Udit Healthcare providing Customized solution for all our patients according to their disease & economic status.

We are providing team care approach for all chronic illness like liver disease, cancer, HIV/ HBsAG positive cases. With the help of expert team, we counsel them & provide Affordable solutions. Our mission is to advise with professional approach without any Commercialization.

Our Vision to guide patients by counseling, providing educational material & explain facts & myths of their queries about treatment modalities & disease. We give equal importance to all our patients regardless of any cast/region or economic status. We are guiding them with the best options available for treatment. As a part of our Social Responsibility, we are also running OPD at charitable rate for our preregistered needy Patients on every Wednesday morning.

Our Mission & Vision is to provide patient friendly atmosphere, and have their faith in medical fraternity. In this era of speciality/super speciality/organ specific speciality/surgery specific speciality & different treatment/surgery options available for same disease.

So our approach is to provide proper Counselling for every patient and resolve their queries and guide them different treatment options advised by our colleagues for the same Disease and remove their confusion. Also we suggest them, best & latest options available in The world & provide guidance for the same what is locally available.

Director's Desk
Dr Jaydeep Shah

Dr. Jaydeep R. Shah is a senior general surgeon in Ahmedabad practiceing since 1993.

He Received his medical degree of MBBS from M.P.Shah Medical college in Jamnagar in 1998 & M.S (General Surgery) from Irwin Group of Hospital, Jamnagar in 1993.He is trained in Laparoscopic Surgery & Urology

After Completing Master from Jamnagar, He joined as General Surgeon at Karnavati Hospital in 1993 and worked for 6 years. At Karnavati Hospital, he worked with all speciality-Neurosurgery, Cardio thoracic, surgery, Orthopaedic and trauma surgery, Urology, Cancer Surgery, and Plastic Surgery along with all other senior and experienced faculties of Ahmedabad.

He has done F.MAS - fellowship in minimal access surgery from Wales (World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons) and F.I.C.S (Fellow of International College of Surgeons). He has also passed examination of F.C.L.S - Fellow of College of Laparoscopic Surgeon.

Affilations with associations

So far he has operated more than 6000+ surgeries for all specialities, from circumcision, appendectomy, to total oesophagetomy, AP Resection, and pneumonectomy to advanced laparoscopic surgeries , along with specialist as a team approach.

Hospital Associations
Gut feeling

He is Interested in Laparoscopic Surgery and Endourology and manage critically ill patient where multidisciplinary approach is required.

Milestones/Our Journey

Dr. Jaydeep Shah, after passing M.S.(General Surgery) has joined Karnavati Hospital, Ellish Bridge in 1993 as surgeon and started working with all speciality, manage operation theatre & surgical department.

In 1996 at Thaltej - Udit Surgical Hospital and with grace of god, our hard work & our patient's support we expanded our setup in year 2000 at Venunad complex, opp.Udgam School as Udit Hospital Multispeciality.

In 2008 we started our In-house pharmacy named Udit Pharmacy and our purpose was to provide quality medicines at affordable rate to our patient.

In 2010 we setup Udit Diagnostics-pathology & Radiodignosis equipped with all automated instruments under guidance of specialist pathologist / histo-pathologist / microbiologist to facilitate quick & accurate diagnosis.

In 2014 we formed state of the art unit named Udit Healthcare-Comprehensive healthcare comprising of all three units- Hospital, Pharmacy & diagnostics to serve our patient under one roof.

To cater Patients digitally as well, we are under way to launch web based solutions which would provide Consultation and E-Prescription at your finger tip. This will be boon to patients who are unable to visit Doctor for Consultation. Also you can order medicines / request for Laboratory investigation (Blood test) online on our Website / our Mobile app (which you can download from Google Play named as UditHealthcare) and get it delivered at your doorstep.